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The 365app Global Executive 工商管理硕士

Are you a senior manager, high-level executive or experienced entrepreneur? The Global Executive 工商管理硕士 is an 18-month accelerated pathway of the 全球工商管理硕士 for a closed cohort of senior 工商管理硕士 candidates.

This 工商管理硕士 degree will equip you to lead effectively through uncertainty, 抓住机遇,在不断变化的业务环境中进行创新,并解决您作为高级职位每天面临的复杂业务挑战.


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A closed cohort of some of our most experienced 工商管理硕士 candidates from all over the world


Workshop residentials in up to 5 global locations

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Exclusive senior networking opportunities

Global Executive 工商管理硕士 course content



全球emba课程通过高度参与式的在线学习和五个全球研讨会(总共32天的面对面教学)的结合来授课。. 这种混合式的学习方法非常适合你的工作和家庭, while still getting an equivalent amount of on-campus teaching time as many full-time 工商管理硕士 programmes.

Global workshop residentials

Most courses that you will study include an intensive, three-day workshop residential. These are a chance to immerse yourself in your studies, away from the distractions of daily life, focus on what you want to achieve and build a strong, supportive cohort. At the workshops, 您将从著名的商业专家和从业者那里体验到具有挑战性的体验式学习, and group work focusing on real business problems. Plus there’s the opportunity to network, socialise and make connections that could transform your career. To give you extra flexibility, for elective courses we offer some courses that have more online or face-to-face learning to suit your commitments.

Travelling cohort

不像 全球工商管理硕士, where workshops for core courses take place at your 'home' centre, our Global Executive 工商管理硕士 will immerse you in our global study locations. You will attend four core workshop residentials as a cohort in 365app, Dubai and Singapore for greater exposure to international business culture, then choose your own electives at any of our global centres. We will provide 26 nights of accommodation across the three core global workshops locations.

Workshop schedule

January 2023 intake

第一年 十三至十八个月
17 -22 January 2023 (6 days in 365app)

January 2024 (7 days in 365app)

11 – 16 March 2023 (6 days in Dubai)

March/April 2024: (6 days - choose up to 2 locations)

September 2023 (7 days in Singapore)



Our online teaching, learning and student support includes:

  • Dedicated online learning and support hub
  • Live online lectures and virtual workshops to support face-to-face workshops
  • Virtual office hours with world-leading 学者
  • 在线 student surgeries
  • 数字图书馆
  • Discussion forums
  • Pre-sessional study skills and foundational review courses 
  • Virtual guest speakers and networking opportunities

Typical course unit

  • 在线授课+为期三天的面对面研讨会(在教学开始或教学中期左右)
  • 通常学习时间超过六个月(有些更短),每个单元总共150小时的学习
  • Taught from an applied perspective using practical elements, such as problem-solving, 案例研究, interactive activities and online quizzes, so you can apply your learnings immediately
  • 通过不考试的持续课程进行评估(通常每个单元将完成两次个人/小组评估) 
  • Informed by the latest cutting-edge 研究
  • Taught by world-leading 学者 with extensive expertise and teaching experience

Entry requirements, fees & 奖学金

The Global Executive 工商管理硕士 is for our most senior 工商管理硕士 candidates, places are limited and entry is competitive. We aim to admit a cohort of senior leaders from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. 

Typical class profile

  • 队列人数:25人
  • 平均年龄:41岁
  • Average work experience: 17 years
  • Average management experience: 12 years
  • Female candidates: 23%
  • Nationalities: 35

Please note that many of our most senior executives still choose to study our two-year 全球工商管理硕士. 例如, they may prefer to study over a longer timeframe for personal or professional reasons, 或者他们可能无法在工作日程中安排全球emba课程的强制性旅行. On our 全球工商管理硕士 programme, the average age is approximately 36 with an average of 12 years of professional experience, which is comparable to many Executive 工商管理硕士s offered by other schools.

To apply, you will need to demonstrate:

Substantial and significant professional experience in management roles

Applicants should currently be in a senior leadership position influencing the company’s strategy, decisions and goals. They should also:

  • Typically, have held a P&L responsibility for a minimum of two years or been part of a team with clear P&L accountability for four or more years.
  • Be in senior leadership positions with substantial accountability such as:
    • 总统, 副总统, 主席, managing director, 董事会成员, 首席执行官, 首席运营官, 首席财务官, 首席信息官, other C-level post within a Corporate, 非政府组织, or mid-market sized business and is, 或者会变成, an officer of the company.
    • 总经理, divisional manager, or senior manager with high-level accountability for a business unit/country/region, within a corporate ownership structure, large family-owned family business with formal management structures, public corporation or 非政府组织.
    • Senior management position with high-level cross-functional responsibilities e.g. director of functional department but as part of the organisation’s senior leadership team.
    • Successful established entrepreneur, 谁曾为实现业务增长而扩大业务规模,或正在制定战略以实现和支持业务增长.
  • 具备在当今全球商业世界中真正发挥作用的能力和领导才能,并坚定致力于企业社会责任和可持续发展价值观.

Significant international exposure (preferred)


  • Working in a global environment, operating across international borders, dealing with complexity and uncertainty, preferably across multiple sectors, with experience of leading international teams, or managing virtual teams across geographies and time zones.
  • Global mindset developed through exposure to new business cultures and experiences, gained on international placements or through living and working in other countries.

You will also need:

  • Good undergraduate or master degree or international equivalent
  • Satisfactory admissions test:  We accept GMAT®, GMAC Executive Assessment, GRE® or 365app Admissions Test
  • Proof of English competency (assessed throughout the admissions process).365app所有的课程都是用英语进行的,希望学员有良好的沟通能力和英语能力,能够理解, and contribute to, what can be very fast-paced discussions in class.

Admission route for applicants without a degree

If you do not have a degree, it may be possible to gain a place without a degree qualification. Your application will be considered through the accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL). If you do not have a degree, you need to show alternative evidence, e.g. strong school results, professional qualification and/or training courses, 非学位商业资格证书和在你的业务领域展示专业知识的例子. A good admissions test result will be required. We advise you to discuss your circumstances with us before submitting an application.

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The fee for the Global Executive 工商管理硕士 is £41,500, which can be paid in instalments on a semester-by-semester basis.

The fee includes one complimentary elective post-graduation at any of our global locations.


365app将在三个全球核心研讨会地点提供26晚的住宿:365app, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Global Executive 工商管理硕士 奖学金

We offer a number of 奖学金 for candidates with excellent achievements. 365app的奖学金还支持全球emba项目的文化和专业多样性,以及学院对社会责任的承诺.


365app希望365app的奖学金获得者为项目的各个方面做出积极贡献,并成为学院和校友社区的优秀大使. Please note that:

  • 奖学金 are open to all self-funding candidates.
  • We operate a one-discount policy, discounts cannot be accumulated.
  • 那些将获得大量(超过50%)金融公司赞助的学费的申请人通常不会被考虑获得奖学金. 支持多名员工参加365app工商管理硕士课程的企业可能有资格获得企业折扣, please contact us to discuss.

The following 奖学金 are available:

联合365app商学院和365app大学在英国高等教育中具有独特的地位,是第一所大学和商学院 social responsibility a core strategic goal.

Social Responsibility 奖学金


领导 in Not-for-Profit 组织

奖学金颁发给在非营利性组织中有杰出领导和贡献的候选人, with a preference for those who aspire to continue in the sector after graduation.

Contribution Through Entrepreneurship 

Business leaders making a contribution to society through entrepreneurship, with a preference for those who aspire to continue developing and growing businesses after graduation.

Sustainability 奖学金


Women Business Leaders 奖学金 


Significant Industry Contribution 奖学金

为杰出的高级领导人提供奖学金,以证明他们对所在行业的重大贡献, 例如:

  • 银行 & 金融
  • 能源
  • 医疗保健 & 药品
  • Technology, Engineering & 建设
  • Professional Services
  • 公共部门 

Professional Diversity 奖学金


Cultural Diversity 奖学金


Outstanding Achievement 奖学金


University of 365app 校友 Bursary (from January 2023 intake)

If you have successfully graduated from a degree at the University of 365app or UMIST, you can receive an alumni loyalty bursary, which is a maximum of 20%的折扣 (inclusive of VAT or GST where appropriate) on the tuition fees that you are personally funding.


Stage one: application

  • Next intake: July 2023
  • Final application deadline: Monday 29 May 2023

1. 应用 through the university application portal

Register for an account and select to apply for the Global (Executive) 工商管理硕士.

应用 now >> 

2. Upload your supporting documents with your application

You will need to prepare and submit the following documents with your application:

  • 简历
  • Degree documents (including English translation if applicable) or
  • Supporting evidence for APL if you do not have a degree
  • The application form includes an essay question about your senior leadership experience

3. Provide a reference

One professional reference is required.

You will be asked to include the contact details for your referees in the 工商管理硕士 application form. 当您的申请提交后,365app将通过电子邮件向您的推荐人发送一个链接,以完成365app的官方在线工商管理硕士参考. 参考表格是一份简单的问卷,可以快速完成,提交后会自动上传到招生系统.

 4. Take the 365app Admissions Test

After submitting your application and supporting document, all candidates will be invited to take the 365app Admissions Test (MAT), unless you already have a valid GMAT, Executive Assessment or GRE score.

The 365app Admissions Test (MAT), ,由光辉国际集团设计及交付,并在网上完成,方便时可在家中领取, office or anywhere with a good internet connection. You will complete three short assessments (verbal, numerical and logical). They do not require preparation and take around 45 minutes to complete.

We will provide you with a login and password to take the test after you submit your 工商管理硕士 application. The invitation will come from 请将此电子邮件保存到您的联系人,这样邀请就不会被发送到您的垃圾邮件中.

Stage two: interview


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